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Fabulous at Every Age: 11 Looks That Never Get Old - Fitting C louses Are Important  

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The Beasts of the Southern Wild star—and youngest Best Actress nominee ever—prefers wearing sneakers, jeans, and "dresses that spin," though it's her penchant for accessorizing that's gotten her the most style attention so far: Wallis carried adorable puppy purses during awards season, including on Oscar night.

Favorite Things
Anything pink and the aforementioned purses. "I have dogs and cats. I can't travel with my real dog, so I carry the purses."

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In
"An all-black outfit without sparkle."

Style Secret
"Always keep a little shine on your lips, and smile."


Julianne Goldmark, 17, and Emily Matson, 18

In the grand tradition of the Olsen twins—who Matson and Goldmark deem "inspirational"—these teens run Emi-Jay, the multimillion-dollar hair accessories company that they started out of Goldmark's kitchen in 2009 (i.e., when they were in eighth grade).

Fashion Crush
Matson: "I'm inspired by what's on the runways—especially Givenchy and Céline." Goldmark: "I love everything Chanel."

Favorite Things
Goldmark: "Fun statement jackets." Matson: "I keep my clothes simple but add pop with bags and accessories."

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In
Bows, ruffles, and ballet flats. "When we first started, we loved a lot of Gossip Girl looks," says Matson. "But we've matured stylistically since then."

Kilo Kish, 22


Whether she's relaxing or promoting her latest album, K+, Kish likes clothes that are comfy—but never, ever boring. "I'm a little bit of a tomboy—I wear jeans, boots, and leather jackets," she says. "But when I perform, I'm supergirly."

Fashion Crush
"I admire southern preppy and NYC art school style."

Favorite Things
Topshop, Alexander Wang, and Stella McCartney.

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In
Uncomfortable heels. "I like to look cute, but if your feet hurt, you won't be jumping on tables."

Style Secret
"Mixing prints works if the pieces are in the same color family."

Note to Younger Self
"Don't waste time trying to look like someone else."

Hannah Simone, 32


As Cece, the cynical foil to Zooey Deschanel's bubbly Jess in Fox's New Girl, Simone's onscreen look is "off-duty model": jeans, tanks, and body-conscious dresses. But her real style is more eclectic. "My family moved every few years, so I have a scarf from India, a skirt from Cyprus, jewelry from London."

Fashion Crush
Sophia Loren. "And girls who express themselves through effortless, identifiable style every day."

Favorite Thing
A weekly hair-oil mask.

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead On
A diet. "The moment you deprive yourself, you're making life less fun."

Style Secret
Wear your size. "Even a size 4 can look bad if she's trying to squeeze into a size 2."

Note to Younger Self
Skincare is all about consistency. "The fanciest face cream won't work if you use it only twice a week."

Laura Cunningham, 42

Restaurant Consultant

With two decades of operations experience—most of it in fiancé chef Thomas Keller's lauded restaurants—Cunningham has her work uniform locked down: "People joke that I was born in a suit!" But her after-hours look is softer: Mother jeans, J.Crew, and "anything from The Row and Céline."

Fashion Crush
Audrey Hepburn.

Favorite Things
Ballet Bodies training sessions and Tracie Martyn skin products.

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In
Florals or prints. "I could probably wear jeans and boots and a black sweater every day and be perfectly happy with that."

Style Secret
"Accentuate what you have and stick to it. I've become a creature of habit with the colors and lines I wear."

Note to Younger Self "Slow down and figure out how to feel great from within by focusing on diet and exercise. Putting more makeup on when your face breaks out only patches up the problem."

Carey Lowell, 52


She may have been a model, Law & Order star, and Bond Girl, but Lowell was a reluctant celebrity: "All eyes are on you when you're modeling and acting, and I just didn't want the attention when I wasn't working," she says. "But as I've gotten older, I've become more comfortable with my body and am taking more fashion risks."

Fashion Crushes
Katharine Hepburn and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Favorite Things
A men's-style shirt and jeans. "I've always had a tomboy look. But I wear more high heels now."

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In Sweatpants or thigh-high boots and a miniskirt.

Style Secret
"I've been gluten-free for ten years, and it makes such a difference—it keeps my skin clear," says the actress, a ceramics artist who also owns Bedford Post Inn in New York with Russell Hernandez and husband Richard Gere.

Note to Younger Self
"Don't be so hard on yourself! I used to always buy clothes too big, but I should have showed off instead of covering up."

Alana Stewart, 64

Actress and Author

The former model and talk-show host, whose juicy memoir, Rearview Mirror, was published last fall, refuses to be defined by her age. "We're as old as we see ourselves," says Stewart, who has three children with ex-husbands George Hamilton and Rod Stewart. "When I turned 50, I stopped counting!"

Fashion Crush
Marisa Berenson. "She wears great jewelry and puts herself together in a way I couldn't possibly do."

Favorite Things
Oscar de la Renta and Pucci dresses; Diane von Furstenberg and Rag & Bone casual wear. "Things that are understated, not overtly sexy."

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In
"Big, clunky shoes that look like you're wearing boxes on your feet."

Style Secret
Accent neutrals with brights. "I'm obsessed with these blue shoes."

Note to Younger Self
"Follow your own style and don't be a slave to fashion. Choose a few pieces you love and wear them often."

Agnes Gund, 74

Arts Patron and Philanthropist

The president emerita of New York's Museum of Modern Art and chairwoman of MOMA PS1 considers herself more an aesthete than a fashion plate. "I'm interested in how people use design to not only look more attractive but be more interesting," says the grandmother of 12 who still attends "two or three events" every night.

Fashion Crush
"I love Vera Wang's attitude and style. She did my daughter's wedding dress."

Favorite Things
Ralph Rucci, Akris, and vintage Geoffrey Beene. "I could wear Beene's pants because I have no bottom, which is both good and bad."

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In
Nail polish. "I got a manicure for the shoot, but I usually don't wear it."

Style Secret
"I like scarves—they call attention away from a sagging neck." Gund also swears by NYDJ jeans: "They flatter even when your weight goes up and down."

Note to Younger Self
"Be more confident. If you're not, you can fall into awful ways of not standing up and projecting yourself."

Rita Moreno, 81


The legendary actress-singer-dancer (and now author, with the recent publication of Rita Moreno: A Memoir) looks back on her fashion history with amusement. "I loved tight dresses, and everything was excessive: too much color, too much makeup, too much everything!" she says, laughing. "I'm really more judicious now."

Fashion Crush
"Cate Blanchett. She is the personification of elegance and glamour."

Favorite Things
Jackets. "You can look so smart with so little effort if you have just the right jacket."

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In
A miniskirt. "There's something so embarrassing about older women trying to look younger."

Style Secret
"I'm very short-waisted, so I never wear a belt unless it's a hip belt."

Note to Younger Self"
"I would have told myself to tone it down a lot. I didn't feel very pretty, and the only way I felt presentable was to hide beneath a layer of pancake makeup."

Ida Keeling, 97


Keeling ran her first race at 67, in an attempt to lift a depression brought on by the drug-related deaths of her two sons. "People flew past me, but after it was over, I felt relieved, like I ran out my sadness," says Keeling, who broke the U.S. sprinting record for her age group in 2012, finishing the 100-meter dash in just under 52 seconds. "Exercise is very uplifting."

Fashion Crush
Haircare guru Madame C.J. Walker.

Favorite Things
"I like whatever fits me and looks nice on me—skirts, pants, nice blouses," says the 4'6", 83-pound great-great-grandmother. "But mostly I like activewear."

Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In
An above-the-knee skirt. "I'm an old lady!"

Style Secret
"Rest is so important. After you get home, take off your shoes and working clothes and take a 45-minute rest. You'll feel much better."

Note to Younger Self
"Don't wait for somebody to love you; love yourself. Do what you need to do, not what you want to do. Eat for nutrition, not for taste. And try to stay calm if you can."







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